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You live for connection. Introvert or extrovert, you thrive on moments when you just “click” with someone.


You’re not afraid to go deep and be real (hellooo crying into coffee and midnight dance celebrations)


You don’t let nerves hold you back – you move through the discomfort to something amazing.


Hi, I’m Mel!


Confession: I used to hate having my picture taken.

I was deeply uncomfortable with the whole process. I felt like I had to perform and posing felt awkward. Ugh, what do I do with my hands?!

Thankfully, portraits don’t have to be people standing in a row anymore. You can be yourself, have fun, and maybe even forget the camera is there! I want you to feel like your fabulous self.




I believe in equality and collaboration. That sessions should be fun, silly, and full of love. That a great photograph is worth getting dirty for.

Let’s celebrate you.

I speak your language. My job is to help you translate what you want into something perfect for your needs. Don’t know what white space or leading mean? What the heck is white balance? It’s all good. I’ve got you covered. We’ll work together to great something that fits your needs.


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Wanna know more?

I focus on photography and graphic design in my work, but I also love getting my hands on textile arts like knitting, embroidery, and sewing. (I’m multi-craftual!) I collect new skills like some people collect shoes or action figures.

I’m a maker at heart and I bring that passion into each project I work on.

Fast Five

Last book I read: Seven Blades in Black by Sam Sykes

Fave magazine: Uppercase – it’s Canadian!

Favourite beverage: coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Yum.

Pets: We have two cute cats who love to sit on my lap while I work.

Secret: I hate salmon outside of sushi.