What do I wear?!

What do I wear to my portrait session?!

This is a common question and a good one. My first recommendation is to wear something you feel amazing in! If you feel great, you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Then, consider where the session takes place. Do you want to harmonize with the environment or stand out? If we’ll be in nature, you could choose colours that balance well like blues, greens and browns. If you’d like to stand out, try bolder shades. (But avoid neons since they create colour cast issues!*) Consider texture and layers in your outfit. Chunky knits, thin lace, crisp cotton. Have fun with it!

For multi-person sessions, complement each other – don’t match! (And compliment each other too 😉 ) Choose outfits that work well together rather than putting everyone in the same outfit.

Go deeper…

If you want to get really into planning your outfit – where are you displaying your finished art? Are you creating a canvas for your living room, or art for your office? Consider your decor style and plan your outfit and location to suit your style.


What do I do if my skin breaks out?!

My retouching practice is less is more – I don’t want to hide or obscure your wonderful self! But if you have a sudden blemish sneak up on you we can talk about minimizing it. 


*The colour from the clothing can reflect back on your skin.


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