Hi, I’m Mel! The enthusiastic photographer and graphic designer behind Rosemary Media.

I used to spend my time serving up coffee during the day and going home to create art at night. I would take photographs with my hand-me-down camera and sketch out ideas for stationary and art I dreamed of making some day. I worked as a photographer for friends, but didn’t want to take the leap to truly working for myself.

What if I fail?

I’ve always loved photography, but I knew I needed more than just camera skills if I was going to pay the bills. When we moved from our dusty interior town to the salt air of Victoria, BC, I took the leap and put myself through school. I learned about design and business so I could help myself and others live their dream. Now I get to document moments and create work for amazing people.

Visual art is my jam

I focus on photography and graphic design in my work, but I also love getting my hands on textile arts like knitting, embroidery, and sewing. (I’m multi-craftual!) I collect new skills like some people collect shoes or action figures. I’m powered by coffee, sunshine, and deep conversations.

I’m a maker at heart and I bring that passion into each project I work on.

Want to see what I’m working on? Check out my instagram.


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